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Jul 12 , 2021

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The place where we stayed for the longest time as we grew up is the school. The lights of the campus accompany us on the road to school and read books of thought. But do you know how to design the school’s lighting?

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Campus night lighting characteristics

Most campuses in our country are relatively independent and special community environments, which not only have the characteristics of urban communities and urban residential areas, but also have elements that are different from ordinary urban environments. Solar street university lighting should strive to be solemn and concise, light and bright, and not as glamorous as commercial districts or leisure and entertainment venues, emphasizing rendering its prosperous and splendid atmosphere.

1. Focus on the environment and context. The campus night scene lighting must exist depending on the campus environment. The connotation of environment here includes social, cultural, time, historical, psychological and other elements.

2. Utilize resources for night scene lighting, which such as Morstar LED linear high bay. In campus buildings, the interiors are mostly divided by large bays. In order to create good lighting and ventilation conditions, the window area is large. The indoor space utilization rate is high, the use time is long, the indoor lighting requirements are efficient and clear, and the illuminance is sufficient. Therefore, there is no need to install special internal light-transmitting lighting equipment, and use the lighting required for indoor functions as the lighting source of the building night scene as much as possible, let the indoor light shine outward, and use a large number of windows to form a bright light-emitting surface to decorate the building night scene , Make the landscape unique and full of life.

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3. Highlight the key points and strengthen the display. The campus night scene lighting can adopt diversified schemes flexibly, emphasizing the characteristics of the building and important areas, and deliberately creating the night atmosphere of the campus. By fully analyzing the functions, characteristics, and styles of illuminated objects, thoroughly understanding the specific role of light and shadow and the environment, simulating the night scene state of various viewpoints and visual distances, and strengthening the visual perception of the building and the environment. With the aid of night scene lighting on the performance of the uneven changes of the building, the building outline is enriched.

4. Respect nature and increase environmental vitality. The night lighting design of the campus garden is an integral part of the campus environment design. The larger architectural aluminum garden lighting shows the tenderness and broadness of the green grass in the night through the changes of the brightness and color of the light, reveals the vividness of the magnificent flowers, edits the richness and shadow of the trees, and calmly connects the building and the campus, the campus and nature, and nature and people.

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Campus light illuminance Design Method

Different functions and different illuminances form a reasonable level of light and dark.

In order to form a night campus environment that is conducive to learning, scientific research, academic exchanges, and comfortable rest, campus night lighting should highlight the key points in the distribution of light and shade to form a reasonable level.

High-intensity lighting should be applied to the main passages, school gates, entrances and exits of important buildings and other areas of the school to form a prominent and eye-catching lighting effect, and the illuminance value can even reach 100lx, such as: outdoor commercial LED street light

The general avenues light, squares and other large areas of people in the school should be illuminated with medium intensity, which requires 50~75lx of illumination; lakesides, lawns, trails, green belts and other strolling leisure areas should not be too high, generally 8~ 15lx.

The entrances and exits of dormitories, libraries, teaching buildings, activity centers, student clubs and other places where students frequently enter and exit should also have relatively strong uniform illumination, generally 30-50lx.

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Light Color Design Method

Illumination light color is mainly cool color, supplemented by warm color

The lighting tones of different functional areas should be differentiated in design

In order to adapt to the humanistic and social characteristics of the campus environment, the light and color design of campus lighting must be harmonious and calm. The specific color tone is based on a large area of cool color, and a specific small range of warm color is supplemented.

High-brightness lighting areas such as school gates, important passages, entrances and exits of important buildings should be both cold and warm, with the necessary visual warmth effect, to prevent excessive cold treatment, forming a gloomy and fearful visual impression.

It is not advisable to use too many warm and cheerful colors around general buildings and laboratories. A quiet and peaceful lighting atmosphere should be formed to suit the work and study environment of reading, thinking, and meditation.

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International professionals have formulated evaluation standards for the comfort of lighting. According to this, in the design process, we can follow the following steps to carry out lighting design work:

1. Determine the illuminance level and spatial brightness distribution of each subdivision area.

2. According to the building characteristics and function distribution, configure the color temperature of the lighting in the space.

3. The color rendering index requirement of the light source is greater than 80.

4. Choose lamps according to lighting needs, compare and optimize the design of lamps and lanterns layout, and comprehensively realize the values recommended in the standard.

5. Energy saving: use high-efficiency and energy-saving lighting fixtures; use high-efficiency and energy-saving electric light sources; configure high-quality electronic ballasts to overcome flicker and improve light source efficiency; zone lighting control, LED solar light etc.

6. Environmental coordination: including light and color coordination, illuminance coordination, and the illuminance change of adjacent areas with different functions should not exceed 5:1.

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