Wisdom and light health--change your life
Jul 27 , 2021

Wisdom and light health--change your life

With the progress of life and the demand for the environment, more and more lighting systems have entered our lives. Morstar intelligent lighting system can meet the needs of most offices, and its lighting energy performance is as high as 40%. This can be said to be quite remarkable data. At the same time, window shadows and advanced packaging are controlled, and the energy saving effect of the whole building can exceed 20%. Considering today's constantly changing working environment and office needs, it is time to consider upgrading office lighting.

Morstar intelligent lighting system

When the health lighting system enters our lives, the workplace will be different. Developers and managers dedicated to creating healthy indoor lighting and more attractive spaces will be better positioned to maintain and attract new tenants in the next few years. Although the comfort of buildings is an aspect highly valued by owners, research shows that one way to improve occupantssatisfaction is to allow occupants to better arrange their living environment.

Daylight, outdoor landscape, and indoor temperature all contribute to the happiness of residents and are attributed to better productivity. In the future, residents will have fewer sick days, shorter hospital stays, higher test scores, and many other tangible benefits. But considering that not every day is full of sunshine. The leader of Mostar is at the forefront of the industry and solves this problem for users. The MORSTAR Intelligent Sunlight System provides the public with smarter and smarter lighting methods.

MORSTAR Intelligent Sunlight System

And due to the continued fermentation of the COVID-19 epidemic, indoor disinfection and safety protection have become more important. Not only need to keep the indoor air smooth and fresh, but also work harder to focus on the prevention and control of viruses. The UVC Germicidal Led Troffer Light series has been tested on the elimination and prevention of viruses, Get a nice data feedback. It will be described in detail in a later chapter.

UVC Germicidal Led Troffer Light

This article may make more building owners, facility managers, and interior designers consider reasons for automation. Curtains, advanced lighting, and network-level control upgrades to improve thermal and visual comfort are all directions for future development. Realize energy saving, and prove their buildings in the future. It covers multiple benefits combining these technologies into a retrofit package and provides the secret to success in the retrofit process.

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