24W Grow Light with Stand Vitalizes Your Living Environment
Aug 20 , 2021

24W Grow Light with Stand Vitalizes Your Living Environment

Plants need light for nutrient uptake, and they use light energy for photosynthesis to obtain nutrients necessary for growth and development. Therefore, photosynthesis is the key to the survival of plants. The LED plant growth lamp is a special lamp with a specific spectrum wavelength designed to replace the sunlight with the light emitted by the LED light-emitting element, specifically to promote the photosynthesis of the plant, and to create a light environment suitable for the growth and development of the plant.

the application of desk clip grow light

Using indoor potted LED plant growth lights, the photosynthesis efficiency of green plants under red light (wavelength 660nm) and infrared (wavelength> 700nm) irradiation is much higher than the photosynthesis efficiency under 660nm wavelength alone. Infrared light is also a sensitive spectrum for the phototaxis of plants. Under the irradiation of infrared light, the plant feels that the high object blocks the light and inhibits its own growth, so the plant will try to grow taller.

the application of tripod stand floor grow light

1)This gooseneck grow light includes red and blue leds. The red light contributes to effective germination, flowering and enhance photosynthesis for better result. It's suitable for all kind of indoor desk plants at all growth stages.

the influence of photosynthesis to grow light

2)Auto cycle memory timing function, choose the repeat time 4/8/12h at first time use and it will turn on/off automatically every day. Let's takes care of your favourite plants even when you are in the vacation or travelling.

the timing function of plant grow light

3)360 degree gooseneck and sturdy clip allows you to place light in any direction to give your plants the best angle of illumination.Easy to use any where at home, office, living room and balcony.

360 degree gooseneck of plant light

4)Additional remote controls are available to control switches, timing and dimming.It's more convenient to use.

the smart control of grow light

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