Automotive Light Application Guide to Improve Clients Service Experience

Mar 11 , 2021

In automotive industry, they are not only attract customers from upgrading and updating of products, but also catch customers eye’s from detail service is significant as well. Therefore, how to selected right LED light decorate to right place will be create extra value and achieve customers. Cause detail design will change clients mood and make they feeling warm heart.

The design of outdoor parking lot light right solution will proving a warm welcome for customers entering the room, which make customers feeling like back to home. For auto showroom suitable light and excellent color can make customers relax and feeling happy to browsing product. In the service workshop lighting, your service department requires good lighting to help maintain its productivity and help increase your revenues. In the cash desk and office areas light field, comfortable light intensity and contrast can bring a more pleasant experience to your customers and decreasing mistake from stuffs operation.

Solution of Automotive Light Application. PDF

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